Sixcycle uses markdown to provide basic control over formatting Posts and Replies. Read on for a description of what's possible.

Italic Text

To make text italic, surround it with single asterisks, like this: 

That is *amazing.*

Bold Text

To make text bold, surround it with double asterisks, like this: 

You did **great!** 


Pasting a URL into your message will automatically render it as a clickable link when the message is posted. If you'd like to create a hyperlink on a word or phrase, simply surround that text with brackets, then follow that with the URL in parenthesis, like this: 

This [link]( is great. 


You can create bulleted or numbered lists. Unordered lists use asterisks, pluses, and hyphens — interchangably — as list markers:

- Red
- Green
- Blue

Ordered lists use numbers followed by periods:

1. Red
2. Green
3. Blue

Two-tiered lists can (only) be created with numbers, using roman numerals for the sub-list:

1.  One
2.  Two
i.  Blue
ii.  Green
3. Three

Inline Videos

You can include playable videos in your messages from either YouTube or Vimeo. Simply psate the URLs to the video into your post with empty lines before and after.

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