Creating RSVPs is a great way to give future Activities visibility and it provides an attendees list for future events.

Any future Activity can be announced to individuals or groups as an RSVP. To create an RSVP:

  1. Double-click the Activity you would like to announce as an RSVP
  2. Click the Post Options (ellipses) on the top-right corner of the Activity and select Create RSVP. 

The window displayed will allow you to select the individual or group in which to create the RSVP, as well as to specify a meeting location and time of day. 

Upon submission, the RSVP post will be created, to which any stream member can respond to. The possible responses are:

  1. No response
  2. Unsure
  3. Yes
  4. No

Once the Post has been created, you can give it a description and include any mentions (to generate notifications) by clicking the Post Menu on the top right corner of the Post ( ° ° ° ), and selecting Edit. 

Make any changes to the Post that you would like, then click Send. Your Post will now be updated with the new content, and Notifications will be sent to any mentioned people. 

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