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The Daily Digest Email
The Daily Digest Email

An overview of the Daily Digest email

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By default each morning you will receive a Daily Digest email from Sixcycle with:

  1. A list of your Activities assigned to the current day

  2. A preview of messages sent to you in the last 24 hours

Clicking any of these will open Sixcycle either on your phone or in your browser, depending on whether you click it on mobile or desktop, respectively. 

To disable delivery of the Daily Digest:

  • Log into Sixcycle

  • Open your Profile

  • Switch "Daily Digest" from On to Off

  • Click the Save button on the top of the Profile

If you are unsure of why you started receiving this email from Sixcycle, please note that a coach or coaching institution using Sixcycle has likely created an account for you. You should have received an invite to Sixcycle by email

If this account was created in error, please get in touch using the support chat below and we will gladly disable the account. 

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