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Associating Activities with Plans
Associating Activities with Plans

Learn how and why to associate Activities with Plans

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Activities on Sixcycle Calendars can be associated with Plans, provided that they fall within the Start and End dates of the Plan. 

While Activities can be left with no Plan association, creating this association where applicable is important as it insures that Plan filtering and selection produces an accurate view of the Calendar (new features, in development now, will also leverage this connection). 

There are a variety of ways to determine which Plan an Activity is associated with:

  1. The color to the left of the Activity is coordinated with the plan colors to the left of the plan names in the Timeline.

  2. Select or Open the Activity and look at the highlighted Plan in the Timeline.

  3. Open the Activity and look at the Plan Association field on the bottom left of the Activity.

  4. Either filter or select Plans on the Timeline to see which Activities are associated to them.

There are a variety of ways in which an Activity can be associated with a Plan:

  1. Filtering or selecting a Plan before applying a new Activity to the Calendar will automatically associate the new Activity to the filtered/selected Plan.

  2. With no filtered or selected Plan, applying an Activity Template from your Library to the Calendar with drag-and-drop will prompt you to select a Plan to which to associate the new Activity.

  3. With no filtered or selected Plan, creating a new Activity from scratch by highlighting the day and pressing [+] will produce the new Activity form, which includes a field where you can specify the Plan to which the new Activity should be associated.

  4. Drag-and-dropping an existing Activity on a Calendar onto a Plan name in the Timeline will associate the Activity with that Plan.

  5. Applying a Plan Template which includes Activities will associate these new Activities with the new Plan.

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch for any reason using the support chat below. 

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