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Filtering & Selecting Plans
Filtering & Selecting Plans

Learn how to use Plan filtering and selection on multi-Plan Calendars

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Filtering and selecting Plans are two ways to view the connections between Activities and Plans. They also provide a convenient method to associate Activities with Plans.

Filtering by Plan

(A Calendar with 4 plans filtered to 1 plan)

When you filter a Calendar by Plan, all other Plans are hidden in the Timeline, as are any Activities that are not associated with the filtered Plan.  

To Filter a Calendar by a Plan simply select the Plan from the Plan Filter dropdown on the top left of the Timeline.

Selecting a Plan

(A Calendar with 1 of 4 plans selected)

Selecting a Plan provides a similar view, although instead of hiding the non-selected Plan(s) and Activity(s) entirely, they are de-emphasized by becoming partially transparent.

To select a Plan simply click the rectangular button to the left of the Plan name in the Timeline.

Which should you use?

If you're looking to focus on a single Plan and its Activities, filtering will provide a clean view of that Plan only. If having the context of the other Plans and Activities is important to the work you are doing, selecting a Plan is the way to go. 

Creating Activities

When you have filtered by a Plan or selected a Plan, any Activities that you add to the Calendar will automatically be added to that Plan, provided that they fall within the start and end dates of the Plan (without a Plan selected or filtered, you will be prompted to select a Plan, should one be available. 

Mobile calendar

Click here to learn about calendar filtering on the mobile calendar.

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch for any reason using the support chat below. 

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