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Whether it's at a certain point in a training plan or in response to a commonly asked question, you probably find yourself sending the same message again and again. This repetitive task takes time away from more important work. Message Templates are here to help speed up that process.

Insert a Message Template

With the composer open to write a new post, or when replying to an existing message, click the Message Templates icon (it looks like a bookmark) to bring up all of your Message Templates. Select your desired Message Template from the list of templates on the left of the window, then click Insert. You'll be sent back to the composer with the contents of your selected Message Template populated. 

Create a Message Template

If you've written a message that you think you might use again, click the Message Options icon next to the message and select "Create New Template". 

You can also create a new Message Template from scratch. To do this, click on the Message Templates icon in the composer, then select "Create New Template". From here you can draft your Message Template just as you would any message in the composer (add images, videos, attachments, etc., etc...), then click "Save". 

Template Title vs. Message Title

The Template Title is the name of the template as it is shown in the list of templates on the left of the screen. It is visible only to you. If you add a Message Title to your template, this will be used as the title of the message if you are creating a new post from the Message Template. As such, it will be visible to whomever you send the message. 

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