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Everything you need to know about creating and managing Scheduled Messages

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Scheduled Messages allow you to draft messages to individuals, groups or to the subscribers of a plan, and then schedule them for future delivery on a date and time of your choosing. These messages can include everything that you use in regular messages, such as images, videos, mentions, articles, attachments and more.

You can view your full list of past and future Scheduled Messages, as well as edit, reschedule and delete Scheduled Messages as described here.

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Scheduling Messages to Individuals & Groups

You may schedule a message to be sent to an individual or group from your Feed or on the calendar of the individual or group.

From your Feed:

  1. Click "Write a New Message"

  2. Select the individual group or group

  3. Draft the message, making sure to mention anyone you would like notified of the message when it is sent

  4. Click the clock icon on the right side of the Send button

  5. Select "Schedule Send"

  6. Select the date and time at which you'd like the message sent

  7. Click Save

On the calendar of an individual or group:

  1. Select the day on which you'd like for the message to be sent

  2. Select "+"

  3. Select "Schedule Message"

  4. Specify the time of day that you'd like the message to be sent

  5. If you're writing a group, select "All group members". If you're writing an individual, select "This trainee and their coach(es)".

  6. Draft your message

  7. Click Save

Your message will be sent on the date and time that you specified, along with any notifications that stem from mentions you've added to your message.

To edit or delete this new Scheduled Message, you can head over to the calendar of the individual or group where the Scheduled Message is displayed, or you can view your full list of Scheduled Messages as described here.

Scheduling Messages to Plan Subscribers

You can also schedule a message to be delivered to the subscribers of a plan. To do so follow the steps above for scheduling a message on a calendar, but instead of selecting "All group members" select the plan who's subscribers you would like to receive the message.

Once complete, individual messages to each of the subscribers of the selected plan will be sent on the date and time that you specified. Recipients will automatically be notified of the message without needing to include a mention, just as if you had written them directly.

Note: As mentioned above, when scheduling a message to the subscribers of a plan, individual messages to each of the subscribers of the selected plan are sent. In this way, it is as though you wrote to each of the plan subscribers directly. It is NOT one message to the group to which the plan is applied.

Scheduled Messages from Message Templates

While drafting a Scheduled Message you can of course always call up your Message Templates and insert them to get a quick start on your message. Similarly, you can also create a new Scheduled Message on a calendar by dragging-and-dropping a Message Template from your Library, just as you would an Activity Template.

To do so on the individual or group calendar:

  1. Open your Library

  2. Search for the Message Template by name, or filter your Library type to show only Message Templates

  3. Select the desired Message Template and drag-and-drop it to the desired day

  4. Select a delivery time

  5. Select who should receive the message

  6. Review/edit the message content

  7. Click Save

Scheduled Messages & Plan Templates

You can also add Scheduled Messages to Plan Templates, allowing you to build a complete training experience inclusive of both activities and messages that you can easily apply to any user or group.

Scheduled Messages on Calendars

You will see that Scheduled Messages are displayed on calendars just as Activities are. Just as with Activities, Scheduled Messages also support the following directly on the calendar:

  1. Click to select

  2. Drag-and-drop to reschedule

  3. Drag-and-drop to re-assign to another plan

  4. Double-click to preview

  5. Edit

  6. Delete

  7. Copy & paste

In terms of visibility, Scheduled Messages on user calendars are only visible to the message author. On group calendars all Scheduled Messages are visible to all coaches and admins.

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