Having a thorough Library of Activity Templates will save you time applying workouts to trainees and groups. 

Creating Activity Templates is easy:

1. Navigate to any Calendar.
2. Click the gray bar on the left edge of the calendar to open your Template Library.
3. At the bottom of your Template Library, click the "Create New Template" button.
4. From the options displayed, select "Activity Template".
5. A drawer will open for creating a new Activity Template. First fill out the high level fields:

  • Name

  • Activity Type

  • Difficulty Level

  • Overview¬†

6. Then set up as many Periods as are relevant for the Activity. Each Period has only a few fields to fill out:

  • Name

  • Distance or Duration

  • Description

7. Click the Save button at the top to create the new Activity Template

Note: While creating an Activity Template you can search your Library for existing Activity Templates to reuse their content in your new Template. Simply search and find the existing Activity Template and drag it into the drop zone below your new periods to copy it's content into the new Activity Template

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