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Selecting Multiple Calendar Days
Selecting Multiple Calendar Days

Learn how to select multiple calendar days

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Selecting more than one calendar day can be useful for applying an Activity to multiple days, or for deleting multiple days worth of applied Activities. 

To select a continuous range of days, click the first day of the range, then hold down the shift key and select the last day of the range. 

To select a non-continuous group of days, click the fist day of the group, then hold down the Command key (Mac) or Control key (PC) and select the additional days.

Once you have you have your day selection, you can:

  • Drag an Activity Template to any of the days, and it will be applied to all

  • Click the [+] icon on any of the days and write a custom Activity, which will be applied to all

  • Click the Delete icon on any of the days, and all applied Activities from all selected days will be deleted. 

To clear the selection simply click any day without holding down shift or cmd/ctrl.

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