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Disconnecting from a Trainee

How to disconnect your account from an existing trainee account

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To remove a connection to a trainee, first navigate to their Profile by selecting their name from your list of trainees, then clicking the Profile link at the top of the screen.ย 

From there, locate your name in the list of the trainee's coaches. There you will see the type of connection(s) you have to this trainee.


If you have only a one-one connection to the trainee, clicking the red Disconnect button on their Profile will remove your connection to the trainee.


If you have only a group connection to the trainee, this means that you are a coach of a group they are a member of. To remove your connection to this trainee, either remove them from the group, or revoke your role as a coach of that group.

One-on-one & Group

If you have both a one-on-one and group connection to the trainee, you may use the two methods above to remove the two connection types.

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