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Training via the individual vs. group calendar
Training via the individual vs. group calendar
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In Sixcycle, training content (plans + activities) can be delivered to your athletes directly on their individual calendars, or via a group calendar. There are many different ways for you to use this architecture. Below are some of the options you have when deciding where to deliver your training content.

Program on the individual calendar

For one-on-one coaching, you should work directly on your athlete's individual calendar. You can build the plan and activities custom on each athlete, or apply templates from your library.

Program on the group calendar

In some instances (like group training programs), you might want everybody in the group to have the same training plan and workouts. You should use a group in these cases. Content you put on the group calendar will sync to every member. If you want to add workouts or change the plan for everybody, you can do that once on the group calendar. We will automatically keep everybody's individual calendars up to date with your changes.

Program on the group, but customize for individuals

In some cases, you might want to do a mixture of the two. Let's say somebody in your group training program gets sick. You can go to their individual calendar and delete or edit the content has synced from the group. This allows you to do your main work on the group calendar, but make select changes for individual athletes. 

Use groups to manage clubs

One of the best ways to use groups is to coordinate communities like clubs and teams - even if the members aren't on the same training plan. Let's say you have a club that meets up every Saturday for a group workout. For this, make a group so everybody can communicate, and put your Saturday workout on the calendar. Each member can have their own individual training plan, and will see the group activities on their calendar as well. 

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When setting up your athletes and groups, you have a choice to make about where you want to deliver your training plans and workouts. Groups are a powerful way to manage communities and deliver training content to many people. On the other hand, many athletes want individualized training. 

If you're ever unsure of what you should do, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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