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Notification Delivery

You can set how notifications are sent to you. Here's how...

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Notifications from Sixcycle can be sent in two ways:

  1. Mobile - Real-time push/pop-up notifications to your mobile device

  2. Email - Emails sent to the address associated with your Sixcycle account

You can determine how Notifications should be sent to you by updating the "Notification Delivery" field in your Profile.

The following choices are available:

  • Smart (default) - Sixcycle will first attempt to send a mobile notification, and if no mobile device is associated with your account, send an email notification.

  • Mobile and Email - Both mobile and email notifications will be sent.

  • Mobile - Only mobile notifications will be sent.

  • Email - Only email notifications will be sent.

To update your Notification Delivery setting:

  1. Log into Sixcycle

  2. Open your Profile

  3. Update the Notification Delivery setting as needed

  4. Click Save at the top of your Profile

Don't hesitate to get in touch using the support chat below with any questions. 

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