We're proud to have Sixcycle running well on today's major, modern, standards-compliant browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firebox.

As of right now, we are unable to support Microsoft's IE and Edge.

The reasons for this are somewhat complex, but suffice it to say, we can be pretty confident that when we build something, it will work well across the browsers mentioned above based on their adoption of modern web standards. Supporting browsers from Microsoft, which has been known to "write it's own standards," is an extra layer of engineering that we simply cannot justify right now, based on the prevalence of the browsers we already support. And frankly, we'd prefer to put the time we would spend supporting Microsoft's one-off approach towards making the platform more feature-full, and more stable, for everyone. 

What we can say is that we'll be keeping our eye on Microsoft's new browser, Edge. If it adopts and maintains support for modern web standards, we'll fold it into the mix of supported browsers.

In the meantime, we recommend using Chrome, but certainly feel free to use Firefox or Safari if you prefer.

Please don't hesitate to send over any questions.

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