Here are the steps to set up a sync between your Strava and Sixcycle accounts:

  1. Log into Sixcycle on the web.
  2. Open your Profile by clicking the profile icon on the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Profile panel.
  4. Click the Strava button and follow the instructions.

Once set up, from that point forward, anything added to your Strava account will automatically sync to your Sixcycle account. 


  • Activities in Strava must not be marked private if you'd like them to sync to Sixcycle. 
  • If you have a privacy zone setup in Strava, Sixcycle will only receive recorded workout content that occurs outside of the privacy zone.

Please note, at the moment the Strava integration can only be enabled using Sixcycle on the web. Once it is set up, your workout data will sync automatically and be viewable using both Sixcycle on the web and Sixcycle for mobile!

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