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Using Mentions in Posts/Replies
Using Mentions in Posts/Replies

Learn to mention so other people are notified about your message!

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When sending a new post or replying to someone else's post, it's a good idea to mention the people whom you would like to receive a notification about your message. 

Mentioning Individuals

To mention someone simply type the "@" symbol and begin typing their name. Sixcycle will suggest people that match the name you are typing. Be sure to choose someone from this list, as manually typing their name out in full will not generate a mention.

Mentioning Everyone

You can mention everyone in a group by using "@all". This will generate a real-time notification for every member of the group (or all of a trainee's coaches, depending on where you use it), so use it wisely! Again, be sure to select it out of the suggested lists of mentions. (Note: Responses to posts or replies that used "@all" will not notify everyone)

When You Don't Need to Mention

If you are replying to a post or existing reply, the author of the original post, anyone who has already been mentioned, and everyone who has replied will automatically be notified about your message, so they do not need to be mentioned. 

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