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Resources Overview

A quick overview of Resources, Collections, Articles and more...

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The Resources section in Sixcycle is a place for organizations, coaches and trainees to write, organize and share Articles.

Articles are pieces of writing, often including images, videos, attachments and more. They are styled with markdown and commonly link to other Articles, and can easily be shared as attachments to posts and replies in the Feed. 

Articles are organized into Collections. The Collection is itself an Article, which has child Articles "below it" in a branching tree structure. Every user starts with one Personal Collection within which they can write new Articles. Organizations often have multiple Collections. These Organization Collections are shown on the Resources Home screen for every member of the Organization. 

Resources Home
When you click Resources in the navigation you will be taken to your Resources Home screen. Here you will see Organization Collections published by any organizations you are a member of, as well as your own Personal Collection. 

To get started with your own Articles, have a look at these additional HelpCenter docs:

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