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Creating Plan Templates
Creating Plan Templates

A quick description of how to create Plan Templates

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Having a thorough Library of Plan Templates will save you time applying Plans and Activities to Athletes and Groups. 

To create a Plan Template:

  1. Navigate to any Calendar.

  2. Click the gray bar on the left edge of the calendar to open your Template Library.

  3. At the bottom of your Template Library, click the "Create New Template" button.

  4. Select "Plan Template". This will open the Canvas - a calendar specifically for creating Plan Templates.

  5. Give your new Plan Template a name

  6. Select how you'd like to specify volume in your plan: Duration or Distance

  7. Select a Preview Date on which to view the Plan Template as you build it (this has no bearing on the date that you will eventually specify when applying the Plan Template to a trainee or group calendar).

  8. Optionally give the Plan Template a description

  9. Click "Create & Add First Cycle"

From here you will create the first Cycle in your Plan Template, which will in turn create weeks into which you can add Activities. You can continue to create Cycles as needed. 

When you're finished, click Exit to return to the calendar from which you came.


  • You can include Scheduled Messages in your Plan Templates!

  • While creating a Plan Template you can search your Library for existing Plan Templates to reuse their content in your new Plan Template. When adding a new Cycle to your Plan Template, simply select "From an existing Plan Template" and type the name of the existing Plan Template. 

Don't hesitate to reach out using the support chat below with any questions. 

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